These three photos begin to tell the story about John and his journey through life. One photo taken in 1954 is that of John and his dad in their Folsom, Pennsylvania home. 

The other is John in 1971 when stationed at Bien Hoa Air Base in South Vietnam. John's Marine squadron flew the McDonald Douglas A-4 Skyhawk 

​and was featured on a number of


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These photos were taken as John visited his family in Gilbertsville, PA. The photo on the left is John getting ready to fire up the grill. Next, he's eyeing over two MASSIVE Rib-Eyes. Of course, John grew up having his share of Philadelphia Soft Pretzels, and a trip back East would be lacking if he didn't chow down a dozen or so. ---  And finally, John is savoring the Hank's Root Beer and Philadelphia Hoagie at "Sonnys," home of the 24 inch, "Sonny Slammer!"  Deeeeee-licious!!!

television news channels back in the states. And finally, John stands just outside the home once occupied by his loving and very wise grandmother, Mama Rose Hall. This property is at the corner of Chadwick and Oregon avenue in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. 

John's childhood days were spent growing up along the countryside in Folsom, where one of his biggest concerns was which place to go fishing. He also fondly remembers those winter times when heavy snows would close school, and shoveling drives and walkways for a few dollars a day was a great way for two ten-year-old kids to earn some cold-hard-cash!  John's snow shoveling buddy was his neighbor and best friend, Chipper McCullough. (Chipper now lives in Florida)

Chipper's dad and John's dad were lifelong friends in Philadelphia, and it was Mr. McCullough that encouraged John's dad to move his family away from the city. In 1953 the Baker and McCullough family became neighbors once again! 

At the age of thirteen, John had his first summer job working on a farm for one dollar an hour. It was dirty and, at times, back-breaking. John did a lot of grueling chores, including hand-picking corn, and was surprised how stifling hot it was walking among the giant stalks with the sun blaring directly overhead. Although he worked his fingers to the bone, getting his first cash payment of $69 made it all worthwhile. "That was a lot of money for a kid back in 1964," John says. 

One of John's high points came when the boss told him to fetch supplies on another part of the farm, tossing him the car keys. Of course, John did as told but managed to do a couple of uncontrollable donuts in the field along the way. John absolutely loved the entire experience and wouldn't trade it for anything. It taught him the basics of the way he lives his life today.
John believes that If you're going to do something, you might as well put your focus and energy into it. You can't always live life on the idea of instant gratification. Some things just take work and time. 

Well, that thinking has served him faithfully over the years, from his Marine Corps days to starting his own Anaheim California company specializing in designing products for the Landscape Industry. John is no slouch and has a handful of U.S. patents under his belt to prove it. 

After eighteen years, John sold his company and was later delighted to see his products featured in the landscape division of the John Deere company. Today, John still has a reputation for providing outstanding service, and people love working with him because of his energy, dedication, and results.  If you'd like to contact John, he's easy to reach by email. His address is I know he'd love to hear from you.