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Videos (Perfect for the MLS)

$89 - 1 to 2-minute video with music. (UnBranded)

$139 - 1 to 2-minute video with music and a professional voice-over. (UnBranded)

$164 - Get two voice-over videos. One Branded, one UnBranded.  (Best Offer)

Pick Option A, B, or C

My Classic Still Photo pricing is mostly based on an hourly rate because I can edit and process all photos in my home studio. -- In contrast, Interactive 3D Matterport images are captured by scanning interior square footage and uploading the data directly to the Matteport company for processing. Once completed, the finished interactive 3D product is made available for public viewing via a link/code that can be copied and placed into the MLS and Social Media venues. (I pay a monthly fee to Matterport for this service)


(Option B = Interactive Matterport 3D Tour Only)

$199 - Get an Exciting Interactive 3D Matterport for up to 1200 square feet, then add 10 cents for each square foot over the first 1200. (No Still Shots)

$75 - Black and White Schetmatic Floor Plan.

When Classic Still Photos are combined with an exciting Interactive 3D Matterport, you'll Pay 50% after the photos are taken. Then pay the final 50% when the listing closes. If the listing doesn't close, the final 50% is forgiven!  -- John Baker

(Option A = Classic Still Photos Only)

$169 - Get up to 25 Classic Still Photos or 1 hour on location. - Then $25 for each additional 1/4 hour or about five photos per 1/4 hour.  (Your number of photos will depend on the home's readiness. Watch the video).

Twilight Photos

$169 - Photos are taken DURING the Twilight hour. 1 hour on site.  (Quality = A+)

$59 - Day Time image/s digitally converted to Twilight. (Quality = C-)

And more...

If you need something but don't see it here. Let me know.


Community Photos

Community Photos will require extra time for driving and site location setup. The number of different locations will also play a factor in pricing. Instead of charging by the photo, a flat fee of $25 per 1/4 hour will be in place. (Community Photos are valuable and can be reused in your future listings, so make sure to save them).

Drone Images (FAA Certified - $1M Liability Insurance)

$89 - To add necessary Drone images WHILE performing other work on site.

$169 - When driving to the listing for Drone images only. 1 hour on-site.

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Place Your Order

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(Option C)

When you combine (Option A) with (Option B), you'll Pay 50% after photos are taken, then pay 50% when the listing closes. If the listing doesn't close, the last payment is forgiven! (This is my Very Best Offer!)